Here Are The Country Expelled From UN, Have You Ever Know It?

United Nations is an impactful organization in the world. There are lots of countries that join the UN. They want to get support from the UN. They also will get lots of relations from the UN. Joining the United Nation also need to fulfill the requirement. The main requirement to join in UN is an independent country. On the other hand, there are countries which are independent again. There is a country expelled from UN that you never know before. You probably never heard this news before. Let’s check it now.

There are 193 countries that be a current member of the United Nations. As you know that Indonesia becomes one of the members of the UN. Indonesia becomes one of the countries which try to achieve SDG by the UN. It is really important for the world’s goals. But, there are countries that not be a member of the UN again.

1. Czechoslovakia

You probably never heard this country. There are lots of people who never know about Czechoslovakia. This is one of the United Nations members in the past. This county joins in United Nations in 1945. But, it has a problem with its independence. Therefore, it was officially to be dissolution in 1992. This dissolution also make Czechoslovakia expelled from UN

2. Federation of Malaya

If you are Malaysian, you probably know about this. Federation of Malaya is the old name of Malaysia. As you know the Federation of Malaya joins in UN on 17 September 1957. But, this country already changes its name to Malaysia. So, there is no member called the Federation of Malaya in UN members. You just find Malaysia in the UN members now.

3. United Arab Republic

The United Arab Republic was established by Egypt and Syria. This country officially becomes a single member of the United Nations too. But after Egypt and Syria back to be independent country each other. United Arab Republic was not a member of the UN again. Therefore, if you are looking for this to UN member, you never found this

4. German Democratic Republic

Before being Germany, there are two sides of Germany. This is a different country in UN members. As you know that they officially join in UN in 1973. But these countries were a merger. The new country from that is Germany. So, The German Democratic Republic becomes a country expelled from UN.

5. Yugoslavia

You probably ever hear this country before. This country officially a member of the UN in 1945. But in 1992, Yugoslavia officially dissolved into five countries. These countries had been independent now. Bosnia is an independent country from Yugoslavia. Slovenia is the other country. So, you will never found it in UN members again.

It will give you deep knowledge about the current United Nations member, right? There are lots of people want to know about the country expelled from UN. The most important thing is United Nation always have deep consideration. They have a deep analysis before accepting the member. Being a member of the UN will give a good effect on these countries.

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