List Of Best Detective Games iPhone Along the Year

Collecting clues and solve the mystery is all you have to do while playing the detective game. Some people are enjoying thinking about how to break the cases. Thus, this game is suitable for those who have strong analytical skills. If you are typically this person, then, this article is right for you. Because we have a list here about the best detective games iPhone to play during this year.

There is a different sensation when you are playing the detective game. You will be involved in a storyline as a detective. After that, your job begins. You must succeed in gathering puzzles and find the murderer. Once you catch the right person, you will be prized. But when you are wrong, something bad must happen afterward. Isn’t it very interesting? So, now, let’s get one of the best detective games iPhone below:

1. Find Differences: Detective

This game is very easy to play. Before you prove yourself as a professional detective, you should complete the challenge here. Your job is finding the five clues to solve a case. You only have limited time. With over 360 levels and more than a thousand differences, this game is enough to train you to be a great detective for the harder cases.

2. Criminal Case

Have you ever dreamt to be a brave police officer? Then, make it comes true through this game. You must show your intelligence to solve all mysteries, one of the ways is through investigation. Use the clues appear, arrest the suspect, and interrogate them. Make sure you have the right analysis before catching them. Once you need help, ask your friend for help. This game is allowed to play online with others.

3. Ghost Trick

We might say that this game is unique. Because you begin the game when you are stated dead already. As a ghost, you have a special spirit to possess objects inside the game. Also, you can manipulate them and maximize your power to figure out what just happened. Actually, this game is based on the Nintendo DS game. So, you can share the experience with the Nintendo users too.

4. Detective Driver: Miami Files

Have you ever wished to be a detective and an awesome driver at the same time? Then, be both of those professions in this game. You will start this game by picking the favorite car and chasing the gangs that make crimes in the city. All we can say is so exciting playing this game. Not only from the storyline and the jobs, but you will also be amazed by the graphic too.

5. Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

As a friend, you must find your friend here, named Melissa. She is suddenly gone without anyone who knows where she goes. You should collect the mystery puzzles and match them into the past investigation. During the way, you will be equipped with some tools that can help to rescue Melissa once you find her. But, remember, finding Melissa is not that easy. You must pass numerous challenges that push your brain to work.

Those are the best detective games iPhone to play this year. Never give up if you haven’t finished one mystery. Just be calm and think clearer. Sometimes the key is the little thing you haven’t realized before.

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