Mom’s Hacks: How to Wash Baby Clothes in Washing Machine

Laundry has become one of an issue for every new mom. Because washing baby clothes is not the same as what you do with the adults. That is why you need to know how to wash baby clothes in washing machine. By using this technology, you are able to do the other thing at the same time, such as feeding your baby, preparing a meal, or just having me-time. Yes, we know that it is hard to have time just with yourself since this little sugar came in.

How to wash baby clothes in washing machine

Lucky you if you have a nanny or someone to help in the house. But not many mommies have a helping hand like this. Thus, multitasking is a must-have skill to build. Following these steps below about how to wash baby clothes in washing machine to ease your daily task. Just believe, starts from now you have to simplify all tasks. Once you know the hack, you can enjoy your day as a mommy.

1. Separate the Clothes

Some people won’t combine washing white clothes with color ones. If you are kind of this person, then you need to separate the clothes. Actually, it is okay not to separate them. Unless you find the stubborn stains, then you have to detergent it first before putting inside the washing machine.

2. Set the Water Level

After you select all the clothes and put them inside the machine, now you set the water level. Adjust the water temperature based on the cloth label. Because once you don’t wash at a proper temperature, the cloth might get broken, such as shabby. The clothes can be washed in cold or lukewarm water. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, we recommend you wash with warm water. It helps to remove bacteria and other infection causes.

3. Add the Detergent

This part should be concerned very well. Only use a detergent specially for baby clothes because it contains more friendly ingredients. Don’t be worried about the stain, baby’s detergent is already designed to clean any stain gently. Thus, no need for strong detergent to clean it.

4. Choose a Wash Mode

See on your machine, you will find several options for washing mode. Select the “Gentle” mode from the dashboard. The washing machine will spin your baby clothes as gentle as well. For some mommies, they do an extra spinning to ensure the detergent is rinsed. So, there is no residual detergent anymore.

5. Dry it

The last step is drying the clothes. Just like washing clothes, you can choose the power too. Or, you can dry by using your hand if you are afraid the fabric stretched. Hang on the clothes in separate places from your clothes. It will ease you to check which one dried and which not yet.

Those are the easy steps of how to wash baby clothes in washing machine. One whole process might take time up to 30 minutes or less. It depends on how many clothes you wash and the washing time you choose. If there are blankets, napkins, and bedsheets, you can gather all with the clothes at the same time.

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