How to Reduce Eye Bag Quickly

Eye bag, a condition when there is an accumulation of fat in the eyelid. It will make the eye look tired and sleepy. This condition can make you not confident in your appearance. But the good news is you can resolve it by knowing how to reduce eye bag.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated to reduce your eye bag. Each one has a different need about how much their water needs. But there is a standard said that in a day you need to drink about 8 glasses of water. This amount includes the water you get from any source. Like coffee, tea, fruit, etc.

This method can also help with lifestyle changes. Start with drinking water diligently, a healthy lifestyle can be a choice for the next.

2. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain so much nutrition. And vitamin is one of them. Eating vegetables and fruits regularly can help to keep your body fresh. It also includes the eye bag problem.

There are some vegetables and fruit that is recommended to eat to reduce eye bag. You can try watermelon for the first choice. This fruit contains a lot of water, so it can freshen your skin includes in the eye area.

You also can choose the vegetables or fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C. The vitamin C have a role as an antioxidant to repair skin cells. It is good to choose tomato or strawberry because they are simple and easy to find.

3. Use Compress

There is 2 kind of compress, hot and cold. The hot compress aims to stimulate blood circulation, so it can reduce pain. Otherwise, a cold compress can reduce blood circulation. It is a good choice for reducing inflammation and swelling.

For the problem of how to reduce eye bag, you can choose the cold compress. There is some kind of cold compress you can try. It can be a cold towel, the frozen gel, or massage with ice.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can give a direct effect to your body. Getting tired and slumber quickly are the things you can feel. And of course, slowly you will realize that you get eye bag. So, if you want to reduce the eye bag, fix your sleep time right now. Get enough sleep and avoid staying up late.

5. Use Concealer

For quick-handling, you can take a concealer to apply on your eyelid. It can cover the dark part of your eye bag.

However, this way is only a temporary method. The purpose is to reduce by covering the eye bag, not to get rid of it. But it will help as a first treatment if you need to be quick.

6. Get a Surgery

Use this way as the last choice only. Getting surgery means you will get a permanent change. The surgery is called blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery. It aims to removes the extra skin and excess fat from the eyelid.

Those are 6 way to resolve the problem of how to reduce eye bag. Get some rest and take a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid that condition.

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Where To Visit Las Vegas, Non Gambling and Almost Free

Las Vegas is a world entertainment center that is identical to clubs and gambling. Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes you get confused about where to visit Las Vegas. Even more, if you don’t want to gamble or visit the nightclub.

However, it turns out it has many attractive tourist destinations that are not merely related to gambling or nightclubs. So, you don’t need to hesitate where to visit Las Vegas. Here are 5 recommendations best tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

1.     Hard Rock Hotel

For those of you rock and roll fans, you can get extraordinary sensations when you are at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Here you will see a large collection of relics of the world’s legendary singers. For example, there are Madonna Clothes, Ramones leather jackets, and so on.

The most popular collection here is a collection of various Beatles personnel. Moreover, to see this spectacular collection you don’t need to pay a penny or it’s free.

2.     The Wynn Conservatory

This place is a conservatory in Las Vegas that is quite often visited by tourists. There is an atrium that displays many beautiful plants and flowers here. You will see a beautifully arranged flower mosaic.

You can take pictures here with colorful plants and flowers. Interestingly, this place is open 24 hours and also free. So, if you want to save money while visiting Las Vegas, you should not miss visiting this place.

3.     Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

The city is very modern therefore it has quite a number of conservatories. Another conservatory that you can visit in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden. You can also see a collection of flowers that are very beautiful and arranged so that they resemble many shapes.

Here you can also see the Bellagio fountain, which is in front of a giant man-made lake in Las Vegas. This fountain always follows the music so it is very attractive. In addition, this fountain is livelier because there are colorful lights.

4.     Mirage Volcano

Where to visit Las Vegas is Mirage Volcano, one of the popular tourist destinations. You can see the first and oldest man-made volcano in Las Vegas. Since 1989, every night the 54-foot volcano has spewed fire, smoke, and lava.

You can see a unique show because you will enjoy audiovisual with an interesting fire effect. In addition, background music and choreography will also add a livelier atmosphere. The final part of the attraction is it will be an eruption of fire approximately 60 feet into the air.

5.     The Strip

If you want to walk to enjoy the beauty of the city of Las Vegas, you can visit this area. In this area, you can easily find the hotel. Therefore, this place is also one of the popular tourist icons in Las Vegas.

This area is also a center for tourism and entertainment. There is a golf course that you can visit if you want to exercise here. In addition, there are also city parks, pedestrian areas, and shopping centers.

You can visit 5 lists of recommendations for popular tourist destinations in Las Vegas. Las Vegas will certainly not disappoint you because here you can visit many interesting tourist destinations. Now, you can easily answer where to visit Las Vegas.

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Getting to Know the Most Influential Women in The World

In this period, both women and men have the same power to rule the world. A woman is known as strong and powerful as a man is in the world. People can see by the amount of women leaders and women founder there is nowadays. Many of these women become some of the most influential women in the world and brings positive changes. They are known with their positive vibes and smart thoughts that can bring the world to a better place. 

Top Influencing Women 

What does it need to be the most influential women in the world? Well, one thing that top women have in common is always bringing positive vibes in anything people do.  And being nice and helpful to others is also one of their main character So, here are some of the most influencing women that have changed the world.

1. Melinda Gates

Hearing the name of this woman, people will surely know that this is the wife of Bill Gates. As a wife from one of the richest people in the world, Melinda Gates is known very loyal. With all her richness, she doesn’t shop all her money for her happiness. Instead, she is one of the founders of Bill Foundation which helps those who need it. Melinda Gates is also known for fighting equal gender equality around the world.

2. Oprah Winfrey

For those who love talk shows must know Oprah Winfrey and her talk show in the year 2000. Oprah Winfrey has proved to be the first African-American woman to rise from poverty to celebrity. With her talk show, Oprah made a huge change to the world. She made people believe that change is possible, and anything can do it. She has always spread positive vibes through her shows and daily life. Therefore, many people adore and respect her, and this made her one of the most influential women in the world. 

 3. Angeline Jolie

An influencing women doesn’t always have to be a leader, like Angeline Jolie. Even though she is a top celebrity she shows her care of poverty by acting directly in the sites. She isn’t afraid or ashamed of doing things directly and having to take care of poverty. In fact, she will visit countries that she thinks to need the help of the world.

4. Sri Mulyani

If people are looking for a smart woman, then Sri Mulyani will be one of the names. Because this woman is now currently being one of the ministers in Indonesia. In her period, she has succeeded in decreasing the countries lend. And most importantly the economics of the country became better in her hand. 

5. Michelle Obama

The wife from the ex-president of the USA, Michelle Obama is also a very smart person. Thus, she is always positive and friendly to anyone who comes to her. With her kindness and social activities, Obama has touched the heart of many people. She is a caring and loving person that everyone loves. So, no wonder everyone still loves her until today. 

So, to be the most influential women in the world, women don’t need to be super or rich. What they need is the positive vibes and ways to get better. Even though being a woman isn’t easy, these superwomen have shown that anything is possible. 

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How to Heal Insomnia & Ways to Get Rid of It

Having insomnia can be very disturbing and can ruin the whole planning for the next day. Insomnia is a sleep disorder where usually people have difficulty sleeping in the day time or at night. Usually, these kinds of people can’t sleep in the night until morning. Some people can sleep but with very limited hours. At first, this disorder may not seem serious, but it can get worse if people don’t treat it. People must know how to heal insomnia the right way so that it doesn’t occur again.

Ways to Heal Insomnia

Many people are not aware that insomnia can be dangerous, and people think it is normal. However, insomnia can be dangerous and become a disorder if it is not treated well. Therefore, before knowing how to deal with insomnia it is best people know why they have insomnia too. This way people can heal the main cause and prevent it from happening again. Here are some ways on how to heal insomnia and ensure it from happening again:

1. Meditation

One of the main reasons why people get insomnia is because of stress and many thoughts. This usually causes people to think a lot and make them hard to sleep. Therefore, try not to be stressful and chill a bit. But if this is not available too, get some help with mediation. Meditation is an effective way to help heal insomnia and help relax the body. People can practice meditation online but for a better way call a coach to help. 

2. Yoga

Another way on how to heal insomnia without having to go to the doctor is by doing yoga. This can be called meditation but also exercise at the same time. The movements in yoga is a meditation for the body and it cures the body slowly. However, the movements of yoga aren’t easy therefore people might need to accompany at first. After doing yoga, many people feel their body is lighter and can sleep better. 

3. Exercise

Some people say that the cause of insomnia is an unhealthy body, therefore to get rid of it live a healthy life. Therefore, an easy way to live healthier is by doing some exercise. For those who aren’t into running, try to walk a bit every morning for 15-20 minutes. By breathing fresh air, people can refresh their mind and body. This will make people’s bodies healthier, therefore, they are able to sleep better.

4. Lavender Oil

A trend that has been happening these past years is using oil to cure many disorders or diseases. Some people believe that by applying lavender oil in the room or on their body can help people sleep. There hasn’t been any formal research, but many people have succeeded in sleeping using this. 

5. Change Lifestyle

Changing the lifestyle can also help heal insomnia for many people. Drinking too much coffee or tea can be a main cause of insomnia. Therefore, try to change your lifestyle by being healthier and not sleeping too late at night. 

So, for those who have been asking how to heal insomnia can relax because it is possible, and it is simple. However, make sure to cure it when it occurs and don’t let it go on. Once people let it go, then it will become worse and the cure will be harder. Therefore, make sure to heal insomnia when it occurs. 

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Choosing the Right Time to Use Credit Card Point

People love using a credit card. Credit cards offer a lot of advantages for the user. One of them is people could easily buy items that they want. This is because with credit cards people could pay with installment payments. Some banks even offer a 0% installment. Each card has its own limitations for each month. The more people spend, the more points that they would receive. However, some people do not choose the right time to use credit card points.

There are a lot of types of credit card points. It could be as a cashback, discount, or fresh product. People could use it anytime. Make sure the points in the credit card have reached their minimum number. If the points are still not enough, users can not use the points. Also, remember the expiration date of the redeem time. So, when is actually the right time to use credit card points?

1. As Soon As Possible

If the credit card point is in fresh cash, redeem the money as soon as possible! Some people let the cash pile up in the bank. It might get lose value caused by inflation. The best way to use it, is to redeem the money every three months. If it has not reached the minimum redemption then redeem it every time it has reached the minimum.

2. No discounts, no problem

Going shopping or having dinner at the wrong moment because there are no discounts available? Do not worry. This is one of the right to use credit card points. Paying at a normal price is no fun at all. Let the credit card do the magic. Redeem the points in it and receive a discount as no others have.

3. Avoid Failure

One of the high seasons is Christmas and summer. Try to avoid to redeem it in these moments. Why? Because there are a lot of people that would use credit cards or debits as their payment. The high usability of the EDC might slow down the system. Some cases happen when users try to redeem their credit card points, the EDC seems to get an error. The redeem on the EDC has not a success. However, the points in it have disappeared.

4. The biggest value, please

Credit card points could be used for different things. People do not realize is that the same nominal points could offer many things. However, things that are offered do not have the same value. Of course, users should optimize. The right time to use credit card points is when users know the highest value

5. Go for the aiming items

Although using the credit card items as much as possible is required, but saving them first is also okay. Make sure to choose an aiming item to purchase with credit card points. It is satisfaction that users get for collecting it first and using it later. Just remember to not pass the expired date.

People spend their credit card points differently. Be sure to choose the right time to use credit card points. Otherwise, the points could be used for useless.

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4 Countries with Strange Policy for Woman

In some countries, a woman is still can be discriminated against. Not only by society but also by the official law of the country. That then reinforces the formed stereotype. So, these are 4 countries strange policy for woman.

1. Japan: Requiring Women to Wear High-heeled Shoes at Work

Worker women in Japan, especially who stand in customer service position are required to wear high-heeled shoes. The dress code practice is based on the belief that high heels can show professionalism.

But many women are not supporting this rule. They filed a petition titled #KuToo as a resistance. It comes from ‘kutsu’ that means shoes and ‘kutsuu’ which means pain. Those women demand the right to using comfortable footwear for working.

2. Malta: A Man Who Abduct a Woman Will be Free From Law If He Marries the Victim

One of the strange policies comes from Malta. There is a law that really anti-women. The rule is the Criminal Code (Chapter 9 Title VII). It states that if the offender of abducting shall marry such a person, he shall not be liable to prosecution.

But it contains an exception. It does not be valid if there is a complaint of the party whose consent is required for the marriage.

However, this rule is still unfair to women. Because even if the offender has prosecuted, he still can be released by order of the court. It will happen if the marriage finally takes place.

3. Nigeria: Husband is Allowed to Beat His Wife for the Purpose of Correction

In Nigeria, there is a law that harms a wife. The law is the beating of a wife for the purpose of correction is legal. The law that regulates it is Section 55 (1) (d) of the Penal Code.

Not only that, but inequality also shows in section 353 and 360. Any person who assaults any male is guilty of felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

But it is different when the victim is a woman or girl. The offender is only guilty of a misdemeanor and is liable to imprisonment for only two years.

4. China: Women are Forbidden to Work in Mining Field

The reason of the enactment of the regulation is because some jobs are inappropriate for women. And one of them is the mining field. Women are considered incapable to carry heavy mining equipment. Moreover, women can’t deal with emergency situations.

Prohibition of working in the mining field for women also makes an impact on education. Some engineering universities do not allow women to be students there. The others still accept women students but in limited numbers. They argue that there are less jobs for them for the position.

Some choose to not accept that situation. A student activist called it gender discrimination. Another student said that people have to make their own choice. As long as they can endure the burden, they should be allowed.

Those are 4 countries with strange policy for woman. A woman is still susceptible to discrimination. Voicing of gender equality is a must to do.

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5 Ways Must-Know, How to Relieve Neck Pain

Some people might have experience neck pain. The stiffness in the neck usually very painful and it can disturb the daily activities. Several things are possibly causing neck pain such us tension on the neck muscle, stress, and neck accident. This article will provide information on how to relieve neck pain:

1. Stretching

The first way on how to relieve neck pain is by stretching. It will make the blood flowing smoothly which can reduce neck pain. Do the stretching gently, no need doing it in sudden and in haste.

Before do stretching, it will be better to use a hot patch or hot cream in order to relax the tense-muscle. After it already relaxes, try to rotate your shoulders back and forth. You can also press your scapula while turning your head to left and right. Stretching will help you reduce your neck pain.

2. Cold or Warm Compress

Neck pain can be relieved using compress, whether it is warm or cold compress. Both compresses can reduce inflammation. Use the compress on the aching part. You can also use both warm and cold compresses alternately. This is one of the effective ways on how to relieve neck pain.

3. Massage

Massage can be another good option on how to relieve neck pain. In short, it can help to relax the stiff muscle around the neck and accelerate blood circulation. Gently massage in the area that feels hurt. You can also ask professionals to massage your neck.

4. Do Not Stress Out

Stress can bring a lot of bad impacts physically. Neck pain is one of the bad physical impacts that come from stress. It can tense up the neck muscle. Therefore avoiding stress is a must to relieve neck pain.

In order to avoid stress, it will be better to balance both mentally and physically activities. You can do meditation to hinder the stress. Doing some hobbies and traveling might be a better option for you. Regular exercise may also help to reduce stress.

5. Sleep in a Comfortable Position

A wrong sleep position can lead to the occurrence of neck pain. The easiest way to relieving neck pain is to improve the sleeping position. Pay attention also to the pillow and bed you slept on. Using too many pillows will obstruct your blood circulation. It will be better to not use any pillow.

Avoid sleeping in a prone position. This sleeping position obliges you to face left or right for a long time. It will create stiffness on your neck and also neck pain. For that reason, it is better to sleep on your back or facing sideways.

6. Taking Medicine

Taking medicine is the last option if none of the ways above can relieve neck pain. Since medicine has side effects, taking medicine should not be careless. But, it must be according to the doctor’s words.

Neck pain can disturb daily activities. Thus, there are several ways on how to relieve neck pain which is stretching, compressing, massaging, avoiding stress, improving sleep position, and last taking medicine. Which one is the most effective way of relieving neck pain for you?

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Best 5 iPhone Games for Two Players to Kill Your Bored

Playing a game alone sometimes makes you feel bored and it can cause loneliness. As a result, you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode. It will give you more interesting things and also fun. You will love playing with your closest friends. However, if you are the iPhone user, it will be a piece of good news for you. There, available many iPhone games for two players you can install.

Playing with someone else will give you bursting to feel, like so happy. You can spend your free time with your friends in a fun way. So, I will tell you some of the best iPhone games for two players. Here we go!

1. 8 Ball Pool

This is the best pool game where you can play with your friends or someone else outside there. This game are available on IOS and Android so you don’t need to be a worry when both of you had different device. This game offers you a tournament mode. You can play it and then win the trophies. Above all, the best features of this game are while you can play one on one games with your beloved friend.

2. Heads Up!

Well, this is the next two-player games you should try on your iPhone. This game is about guessing a word that appears on the screen without seeing it. Also, you should put your phone in front of your head and guess before the times up. These are the fascinating games where you can play one on one or enjoyed it with a lot of friends. You will never feel bored while playing this game.

3. Hangman

Hangman is a good game where you can install it for free. However, this game is about spelling a word. It will be a good game if you want to improve your knowledge of vocabulary. Moreover, Hangman has a set up in a chalkboard and gives you a classroom vibe. You can play this game alone or with your friend in multiplayer mode. Add a punishment for the one that lose and this game will be funnier.

4. Badland

This is the unique game that offers you an unbelievable art-style. However, it is about you control the character to reach the end of the stage. It will not be that easy because there available many obstacles to disturb you. On the other hand, it also offers you a competitive multiplayer mode or both of you can work together in co-operative mode. Play it on the same device and you will get a challenge to coordinate well.

5. Clash Royale

As they start, this game has the same creator with Clash of Clans. It has many same characters but a little bit different in-game. This game offers you a multiplayer battle game where you should destroy the enemy’s tower. On the other hand, you also should defend your tower from the attacker. It just about a strategy game where the good ones will win. Play against your friends and have fun in this game!

So there are 5 top iPhone games for two players you can enjoy. All the games are free to download but also can use some money only if you want to buy some equipment. Let’s kill your bored and play it with your friend.

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5 Ways On How To Manage Kids Allowance You Must Know

One of the expenditures that have become a liability in household finances is a kids’ allowance. Therefore, as a parent, you must know about how to manage kids allowance. By knowing this, you and your kids will learn about managing money.

Technical management of allowance depends on family rules, age, and children’s needs. Even an allowance can be a more complex problem if there are other requirements. However, you need to know the basics about how to manage kids allowance, which will be described below:

1.     Consider Your Kids’ Age

There is no right or wrong first time to give kids an allowance. Everything depends on you. However, there are several factors that you must consider in determining the amount of allowance. Such as your kids’ age and your financial ability.

Consider whether your kids understand how to use money. You also have to pay attention to your abilities. So do not force to give a lot of allowances if you cannot afford it.

2.     Customize with Needs

The nominal value of kids’ allowance also depends on their needs. Calculate how much average expenditure your kids spend each day. Make a list of what your kids spend using these allowances. The nominal allowance given to kids can also depend on their level of education.

It is because the allowance for your junior high school kids is different from your kids’ college education. Other needs such as the cost and distance between home and school also need you to consider.

3.     Discuss The Allowances with Your Kids

You can discuss your allowance with your teenage kids. You can ask how much it costs from home to school and the price of food in the canteen. In addition, encourage your kids to discuss other needs, such as what they want every week or month.

For example, if they want to go with friends or watch a movie. The technical time of distributing allowances can also be discussed with your kids. For example, you can find out if they want per week or even per month. Also, discuss how to manage the allowance wisely.

4.     Give Terms If The Kids Wants to Add Allowance

If your kids have run out of money and ask for extra allowance, you need to invite your kids to discuss. Invite them to discuss to determine how they can increase their allowance. However, you must know the reasons why they have spent their allowance before their time.

It could be that their allowance is quickly run out due to buying school needs or even sudden needs. You can make a deal with your kids, how they can add allowance. For example, helping with homework or studying harder and getting good grades.

5.     Teach Your Kids How to Achieve Desires

If your kids have a desire to buy an item that they like, teach your kids to reach it. For example, if they want to buy a new gadget, do not rush to follow the request. You must teach your kids to save first.

Teach kids to manage their allowance by saving at a bank or in one piggy bank. You can make kids’ savings at the bank so they also start learning to manage their own finances.

Those are how to manage kids allowance you need to know. Start managing your kids’ allowance in a simple way. You can see your kid’s ability to manage their allowance.

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Some Reasons To Visit Copenhagen for Vacation

The development of the tourism industry in Denmark is increasingly aggressive. The country plans to bring in more than 10 million foreign tourists over the next three years. What makes this country so enthusiastic about bringing tourists? Here are some reasons to visit Copenhagen.

1 Have a Culinary Tour

Copenhagen has many restaurants. One of which is Noma, a restaurant that serves the Nordic menu, becoming one of the best dining places in the world. But booking a place there is always full every month.

For those who want to taste Danish culinary, you can visit other restaurants such as Relae, Radio, Aamann’s, Geranium, Lagkagehuset, John’s Hot Dog Deli or Nimb Louise. In addition to the restaurant, other restaurants must be visited, namely Kerenyam. Geranium is a unique dining venue offering two Michelin stars.

Described as involving of the gatherer’ is The Geranium experience. The location of the 8th floor next allows visitors incredible views of the amazing park as well as the city skyline.

By chef Rasmus Kofoed, award-winning exudes the grace of artwork that each plate served. Behind each dish, will be happy to explain the story for the knowledgeable staff.

2 Photo Tour in Copenhagen

Many tourists crowded the Nyhavn harbor area to get Danish photographs. But Denmark is not limited to Nyhavn because many other photo-destination destinations are no less interesting.

This place is a port. In this place, we can walk along the canal and enjoy the view through a boat. Through this boat, we can see places like, Little Mermaid, The Royal Palace, Opera House, etc. This place is a place that has a good spot to take pictures.

One of them is Vesterbro or Christiania. This area is a hipster gathering place in Copenhagen which has many eccentric buildings. In the evening there are many places in Karriere, Fiskebar or Nemoland. This is one of the reasons to visit Copenhagen, to get memories in the form of photographs.

3 Cool Shopping Tour

Copenhagen has the longest pedestrian in the world, precisely in the Stroget region. Many local fashion shops operating here, from the Illum mall, the Magasin du Nord mall to the Ivan Grundahl boutique.

For those looking for antiques, vintage fashion and home furnishings, you can come to the Strandstraede, Kronprinsensgade, Elmegade, or Larsbjoernstraede areas.

This place is window shopping in Copenhagen and the longest in Denmark. Along the way, we are surrounded by rows of boutiques ranging from high brands to local brands. It is located not far from Tivoli. Branded boutiques also exist in this place such as LV, Prada to Hermes.

4 Beautiful Park Tour

Hans Christian Andersen’s literary works are also the reason for more tourists coming to Denmark. In addition to the Little Mermaid statue, tourists can also come to the Tivoli Gardens park.

That place is which looks like a picture in a children’s storybook. For those who come with children can also visit the playground and public swimming pool here.

That reason is one of several reasons to visit Copenhagen. Because many have places like, culinary, taking pictures, shopping, and recreational places that make it comfortable.

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