Some Reasons To Visit Copenhagen for Vacation

The development of the tourism industry in Denmark is increasingly aggressive. The country plans to bring in more than 10 million foreign tourists over the next three years. What makes this country so enthusiastic about bringing tourists? Here are some reasons to visit Copenhagen.

1 Have a Culinary Tour

Copenhagen has many restaurants. One of which is Noma, a restaurant that serves the Nordic menu, becoming one of the best dining places in the world. But booking a place there is always full every month.

For those who want to taste Danish culinary, you can visit other restaurants such as Relae, Radio, Aamann’s, Geranium, Lagkagehuset, John’s Hot Dog Deli or Nimb Louise. In addition to the restaurant, other restaurants must be visited, namely Kerenyam. Geranium is a unique dining venue offering two Michelin stars.

Described as involving of the gatherer’ is The Geranium experience. The location of the 8th floor next allows visitors incredible views of the amazing park as well as the city skyline.

By chef Rasmus Kofoed, award-winning exudes the grace of artwork that each plate served. Behind each dish, will be happy to explain the story for the knowledgeable staff.

2 Photo Tour in Copenhagen

Many tourists crowded the Nyhavn harbor area to get Danish photographs. But Denmark is not limited to Nyhavn because many other photo-destination destinations are no less interesting.

This place is a port. In this place, we can walk along the canal and enjoy the view through a boat. Through this boat, we can see places like, Little Mermaid, The Royal Palace, Opera House, etc. This place is a place that has a good spot to take pictures.

One of them is Vesterbro or Christiania. This area is a hipster gathering place in Copenhagen which has many eccentric buildings. In the evening there are many places in Karriere, Fiskebar or Nemoland. This is one of the reasons to visit Copenhagen, to get memories in the form of photographs.

3 Cool Shopping Tour

Copenhagen has the longest pedestrian in the world, precisely in the Stroget region. Many local fashion shops operating here, from the Illum mall, the Magasin du Nord mall to the Ivan Grundahl boutique.

For those looking for antiques, vintage fashion and home furnishings, you can come to the Strandstraede, Kronprinsensgade, Elmegade, or Larsbjoernstraede areas.

This place is window shopping in Copenhagen and the longest in Denmark. Along the way, we are surrounded by rows of boutiques ranging from high brands to local brands. It is located not far from Tivoli. Branded boutiques also exist in this place such as LV, Prada to Hermes.

4 Beautiful Park Tour

Hans Christian Andersen’s literary works are also the reason for more tourists coming to Denmark. In addition to the Little Mermaid statue, tourists can also come to the Tivoli Gardens park.

That place is which looks like a picture in a children’s storybook. For those who come with children can also visit the playground and public swimming pool here.

That reason is one of several reasons to visit Copenhagen. Because many have places like, culinary, taking pictures, shopping, and recreational places that make it comfortable.

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