Tips For Travel While Nursing: Comfortable Trips For Nursing Mother

Traveling while breastfeeding your baby can be quite chaotic. There some mothers who fell into a panic when they have to breastfeed the babies through the trip. Also, there are mothers who feel troubled by pumping along the way. So, with these tips for travel while nursing we hope that the mothers can enjoy traveling.

There are two cases regarding the trips for nursing mothers. The first one is the mothers who take along the babies and breastfeed them. The other is the mothers who leave the babies and have to pump the milk. Each of the cases has a different approach to make the trips more comfortable and fun.

Breastfeeding Mothers

In case you have to travel with the baby, you should prepare everything you need before the trips. Please remember that a baby is not the same as an adult, so things are perhaps different from what you expect. Don’t worry, with the help of the tips for travel while nursing, you will find everything is easy.

1. Make a Plan Before Traveling

A baby can be unpredictable in the new environment, so you should have a plan before going on trips. You can call the airport ahead to see whether there is a lactation room. Also, you can determine some rest stops and some safe areas to stop in addition. This way you will be able to breastfeed your baby with ease.

2. Bring the Essential Things

When traveling, sometimes you want to bring everything as a countermeasure to the problems that may arise. However, the best method is to bring things less. And the things you must take with you are extra clothes for baby, top clothes for the mother, trash sack for the diapers, and nursing cover.

3. Dress For Breastfeeding

A baby’s eating time can be unpredictable so you should anticipate it. Dressing so it will be easy to breastfeed is one of the methods. It will make both you and the baby feel comfortable. Furthermore, there are many cute clothes for breastfeeding so you still look fashionable.

Pumping Mothers

There are some cases when the mothers have to leave the baby to go on the trips. If that case happens to you, pumping the milk is the only way you can do. However, before the trips make sure how many bottles your baby needs in your absences. And here are some tips for you.

1. Plan the Places to Pump

Before traveling you should look ahead the place where you can pump the milk. Especially if you are the type that can’t pump in the public. Planning the places to pump the milk can help you to erase the worries that may arise.

2. Pump the Milk Frequently

Even if you don’t have to breastfeed your baby, you still have to pump the milk. As the frequency of the pumping is a very important matter to do, you have to pump the milk every two or three hours. It will help to get the milk out at the right time. And then don’t forget to keep the milk and deal with it.

For some mothers traveling while nursing may be troublesome. But, with tips for travel while nursing, you will feel more ease. And that will lead you to feel comfortable in your trips.

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