Where to go in Jakarta during Holiday

Jakarta might be a busy city. However, this capital city of Indonesia is worth to visit for vacations. Despite the busy city, Jakarta also has some attractive places to visit. For those who live near Jakarta or on a business trip here, there are plenty of places to enjoy. Do not get confused about where to go in Jakarta besides the big malls. Not only the adults but also children could enjoy it as well.

Jakarta is known for the center of business and economy in Indonesia. Besides its working side, Jakarta also has an entertaining side that would be great to visit. Not only people from Jakarta but also from other cities and even other countries often visited it. Here we give you the top list of where to go in Jakarta during holiday seasons with families or friends.

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia has been one of the most favorite amusement parks since the 1990s. The visitors could enjoy many kinds of facilities and games. For example 4D Theater, regional bridge, cable cars and more. There is also a miniature place of 33 provinces of Indonesia. Moreover, visitors could reach this place easily using the Trans Jakarta Bus or the KRL train.

2. Dunia Fantasi

The next place where to go in Jakarta is Dunia Fantasi. There are hundreds of vehicles that the whole family could enjoy. Starting from the tense games to all-ages games and the special themed games. Visitors could get tickets at various prices due to the facility. Moreover, visitors could also buy the ticket online to avoid the queue line on set.

3. Ocean Dream Samudra

Besides Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudra is also located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Here, visitors could enjoy many kinds of attractions from dolphins, sea lions and more. Visitors could also enjoy other kinds of games as well. The place is comfortable for all ages because it is supported with complete facilities. Furthermore, there are a lot of green trees and parks that make the place cool and cozy.

4. Museum Nasional Indonesia

Another place where to go in Jakarta is the Museum Nasional Indonesia. It is one of the biggest museums in Asian. Besides antique collections, visitors could also enjoy many kinds of activities. Such as educative art activities, learn how to batik and watch some performing art. However, every Monday the museum would not be open for the public.

5. Tugu Monumen Nasional

Tugu Monumen Nasional or more known as Monas is the signature of Jakarta. The outside part of the monument is a park filled with many outdoor activities and local food as well. As for the inside, visitors could rise to the top and watch the view of the city. However, there is a quota to get to the top of Monas. This is because to keep the quality of the lift.

Jakarta could be a great place to spend holidays with family and some friends. The places where to go in Jakarta is authentic yet relaxing. Moreover, people do not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy.

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